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by | Jul 8, 2021

Putting yourself first is a must! Often, we are encouraged to say “no” to make sure we reduce burnout, unnecessary stress, and create boundaries. All of that is great and it’s defiantly a must that I encourage myself and others to do.  

However, I have learned within the last few months, that saying yes can also be beneficial. Often when I say yes I notice I tend to overload myself. Rather it is with work, outings with friends, and school at one point, I can quickly get overwhelmed. So maybe I change what exactly I say yes to, while also keeping in mind to pace myself.

At the end of last year, I told myself I wanted to do the things that made me happy and made me feel whole. I decided I wanted to travel more this year. I told myself I wasn’t going to feed into the many excuses (sometimes real-life situations) that I often have. I’m a single mom and I work a dead-end job that has no real potential in allowing me to grow. That’s my reality and if I’m honest with myself, it’s probably going to be my reality for the years to come. I plan on changing all of that eventually but in the meantime that doesn’t mean I have to wait until I get into the ideal life that I want for myself to start enjoying myself. I made that promise to myself and started making a list of places I would like to go. I had no idea that I would make that idea happen within a few months.

It’s only the beginning of July and I have already been on 3 trips. . .

I honestly surprised myself. I managed to go on trips that I never thought I would be able to do with my current job. I have been able to fully enjoy each trip, pay all my bills, and stay out of a financial hole. I’m so happy I got out of my comfort zone and decided to plan them all because they were MORE than needed.

I’m so happy I choose to say yes to the invites for each trip! The people I went with have just been the best for each occasion. Each trip was meaningful in a different way and gave me the push I needed for that time.

Traveling makes me feel alive. It gives me the chance to experience new things that I don’t normally get to experience. Most of all, I was able to escape my reality for a while and recharge myself. Breaks are needed! I deserve a break now and then and so does everyone else. I’m saying yes from now on! It’s been so worth it!!

Pachion Moore

Pachion Moore

As a young single mom myself, I have faced many challenges and have overcame many hurdles. All in attempts to better my life and live the life I envision for myself. That’s also what I want for you. My passion and goal, is to help other people take the steps toward crushing their obstacles to get to the success they dream of. I will walk along side you as an accountability partner and help you set goals and then work towards them. Rather it be your health, career goals, or relationships with others, I will help you become your better you.


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