I’ll Rest

by | Oct 14, 2021

These last couple of weeks have been rough. Imposter syndrome is an understatement. I honestly don’t even know how to describe what I am feeling and where my mind has been.

In simple terms, I’m so discouraged I feel like there is no reason I should keep pursuing my dreams.

I want to help people succeed at everything they put their minds to. I also know that I have to start with me. With the feelings that I have been having lately, it’s not going to cut it.

I launched my life coaching business in June of this year. Which, is amazing because I worked so hard to get here. I set this goal back in January and made it happen. Of course, going into running a service-based business I knew that it was going to be a slow process. I know it’s going to take time to get clients, find the right wording, and perfect my marketing to find my perfect ideal client. I’m learning how to do these things regularly. I have done all the programs, challenges, and courses that are out there. I have learned a lot and have seen many people become successful with the things we are taught in a matter of days. Of course, for me, it hasn’t been the same. I may have gotten some engagement here and there, but it’s not much.  A lot of the time it’s been me begging friends and family to help get my name out there by resharing my posts.

I have made a post in groups, tried going where I believe my clients are at, made videos and reels (which if you know me, this is out of my comfort zone). Ya’ll I have reached out to other programs in the community to do a referral program. . . .

But here I am, engagement is beyond low, I haven’t gotten a nibble of anybody interested, and I’m feeling defeated.

I find myself getting so upset and low when I ask my family and friends to repost something. I know my stuff is good for my ideal client, but they can’t see it because I don’t have them near yet. I know they don’t want to reshare my stuff. It’s not for them, they aren’t interested, and they probably have their own life things going on. I am so thankful because of that. If you’ve helped me and reshared anything I have posted. . .Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means the world to me. I feel awful asking but it’s all I have at the moment.

In the meantime, I’m constantly racking my brain for ideas on what to do next.

I’m still within my 6 months of starting this business, I know. I know my time will come and normally that thought alone keeps me put together. However, this morning I saw a post in a group that I am in, and another coach posted her services. She and I share a target audience and I do believe she has been established way longer than I have been. But she worded things so great, so clear, and so many people commented that they were interested. I’m not going to lie my heart instantly dropped. I felt a lot of feelings I didn’t think I would feel when it came to business. I felt like a fraud, a joke like I had nothing to offer and as if I was wasting my time. Then the feelings of worthlessness came, and I cried about it.

Now I can be very sensitive and overly dramatic at times but it’s who I am. I fully allowed myself to feel everything at that moment. I needed to because it’s healthy for me to understand my emotions instead of holding everything in for me to later explode, which is also something I have been known to do.

I know in my heart that what I have to offer, is worth wild to someone. I know someone needs it. I know it will help. I know that I can help. I just need to be patient. My desire to help people is so strong I honestly feel like I don’t have any other purpose but to help other women succeed and see that they can still live the life they want no matter what.

I know I have to keep going, and I will. I wanted to give up but at the same time, I don’t want to. Who am I to give up if that’s the whole point of my business? I’m supposed to help people learn, and push themselves to keep going no matter what their struggle is. I can’t give up at the beginning of this journey. Then it really would have been all for nothing. I’m constantly reminding myself to rest, feel, and then find positive ways to express myself. I’ve learned that holding everything in, makes things worse. I’ve learned that toxic positivity, makes things worse. I have to be real with myself and what I’m feeling, no matter how negative it is. Then I take a few days to rest, not quit. Then I can get back to it.

So that’s what I’m going to do for a few days. I’m going to rest.

Some weeks are good and some weeks are bad. The last couple of weeks have been a little bit of both. This journey is hard and I’m not sure I was fully prepared. I’m not sure anybody really could be.

However, I’m not giving up because of a little discouragement and comparison. I’ll keep going. One day at a time.  . and for now, I’ll rest.

Pachion Moore

Pachion Moore

As a young single mom myself, I have faced many challenges and have overcame many hurdles. All in attempts to better my life and live the life I envision for myself. That’s also what I want for you. My passion and goal, is to help other people take the steps toward crushing their obstacles to get to the success they dream of. I will walk along side you as an accountability partner and help you set goals and then work towards them. Rather it be your health, career goals, or relationships with others, I will help you become your better you.


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